Bury Natural Stone - Maintenance of quartz composite



Silestone is non-porous, and therefore stains will not penetrate into the countertop. Therefore you do not have to seal the countertop or wax it. Because Silestone is a closed material, such agents will not penetrate into it, but rather will remain on the surface, where they will then cause stains.  

TIP! The day after installation, first clean the top thoroughly with CIF Cream and a sponge.

For day-to-day maintenance, all you need is a moist cloth and a gentle neutral cleaning product such as an all-purpose cleaner or dishwashing liquid. For a more intensive cleaning, warm water and CIF Cream is recommended. Make a mixture of CIF Cream and warm water. Use a clean, moist cloth to wash off the countertop and then rinse with a sufficient amount of warm water. In case of stubborn stains, pour QFORCE OR QACTION onto the affected area and let it work in for two minutes. Then rub the stain away and rinse clean with a large amount of water.

Sanded or Leathertouch finishings calls for extra maintenance, since grease spots, drops and fingerprints are more visible on them. However, thanks to the closed surface, they do not penetrate into the countertop, so they remain easy to remove. Small, non-stubborn grease spots can be most easily removed by spraying a bit of blue GLASSEX on a piece of kitchen paper and rubbing it over the spot.

The products QFORCE or QACTION are also available in our showroom or can be ordered via Contact.


Normal maintenance is the simplest way to keep Diresco Stone shiny and radiantly beautiful for years. Clean daily with a moist cloth and a neutral cleaning product (such as dishwashing liquid) or Lithofin MN Easy-Clean.

If somewhat more intensive cleaning is required, a mixture of warm water and CIF Cream (white neutral) is recommended. Do not use a normal household abrasive cleanser, and most definitely do not use any bleach-based products! Clean the countertop with a clean cloth and then rinse it with a sufficient amount of clean warm water.

Stubborn stains can usually be removed by applying CIF Cream undiluted to a soft sponge. Rub vigorously on the stain and rinse with a sufficient amount of clean warm water. Spilled drinks and/or food should be cleaned off as quickly as possible! Due to the aggressive characteristics of coffee and tea, they are more difficult to remove after having dried.

Materials that harden after drying (such as chewing gum, mustard, grease, etc.) should first be scraped away using a blunt, plastic scraper. Then clean with a solution of household vinegar and water (always follow the manufacturer´s instructions) and rinse with clean water.

For honed and anticato (shot-blasted) Diresco Stone, the surface structure is changed from glossy (closed) to one full of little barbs. As a result, the slab is more sensitive for fingerprints and/or grease spots. In order to prevent these, it is best to rub Lithofin MN Protector for composite into the countertop before using. In this way the "little barbs" are filled in with this substance. Before beginning this treatment, always make sure that the untreated surface has been well cleaned.

We recommend afterwards maintaining the countertop with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean. In order to bring out the colour - above all with the anticato version - it is best to also use a colour intensifier.

IMPORTANT! This is a stain-stop product and thus not sufficient on its own to protect the slab. However, combined products exist as well (stain-stop/colour intensifier). These products are also available in our showroom or can be ordered via Contact.


This composite material is available in 3 different finishings: polished, honed and brushed. The maintenance differs depending on the choice of finishing.

For the honed, brushed and poco veccio surfaces, it is necessary to treat the surface immediately after the installation and cleaning with Lithofin MN Protector for composite. It is necessary to allow this product to dry in for ten minutes. After this working-in period, the residues of the protector should be removed from the surface with a dry clean rag. Thanks to this protection, dirt will not adhere to the top layer and fingerprints become visible much less quickly.

For normal day-to-day maintenance, one can work with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean. It is of crucial importance that this be done regularly. For somewhat more stubborn stains, CIF Cream can be used.

IMPORTANT! This must be the neutral CIF cream, definitely not the bleach-basis variant.

For polished surfaces, the same maintenance applies as for the brushed and honed finishings. Here, however, there is no need to use the Stain-stop MN for composite, given the closed nature of the polished surfaces. Nevertheless, it is important to do the regular daily maintenance with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean.

Before using Lithofin products, always consult the recommendations on the product packaging. These products are also available in our showroom or can be ordered via Contact.


The maintenance starts with the first cleaning: a one-time cleaning with a suitable cleaner (e.g. Lithofin Wexa. Important: always use an acid-free product!).

Then the covering must be allowed to dry thoroughly for around 1 month. During this period it can be cleaned off with just a little water and a suitable cleaning product that does not seal the pores of the stone (e.g. Lithofin Easy Clean).

Once the material is completely dry, we recommend treating the stone with a sealer (e.g. Lithofin Composite Protector). With the honed finish you only need to apply this product once, with a sablino or tornado finish you will have to repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times. Only the polished finish does NOT require any sealing.

If the material gets really dirty, a suitable (non-acidic) cleaner (e.g. Lithofin Wexa) can be applied to clean the surface. NONE of the following products may be used for maintenance or cleaning: abrasives (e.g. Cif or Vim), thinners, bleaches or ammonia. Also, do not clean with a rasping sponge or steel wool, which could damage the polished layer or cause dull spots. 

These products are also available in our showroom or can be ordered via Contact.



 Points of special importance for quartz composite:

1. Don´t use any silicone-based maintenance products.

2. Never sit or stand on the kitchen countertop.

3. Never place hot pans (not even when draining them out) or baking dishes directly on the countertop. Always use a mat or trivet underneath them.

4. Never cut or chop directly on the kitchen countertop. Always use a cutting board. Quartz is harder than metal (e.g. kitchen knife), so always use a cutting board when preparing foods in order to avoid traces of metal on the material. Knives will also quickly become dull if they are used directly on the countertop.

5. Above the dishwasher one must always affix the protective film or strip that is delivered with the machine. Never leave the door of the dishwasher standing open while hot vapour is still coming out.

6. Alkaline and other aggressive agents can cause damage to your kitchen countertop or sink, so avoid contact with them. Should any such agents nevertheless end up on your kitchen countertop, immediately rinse it off with a generous amount of water.

A few examples of these agents:

- Brush cleaners and paint removers

- Drain cleaners

- Oven and metal cleaners

- Acetone, Cillit Bang

7. If further construction activities are taking place once the countertop or tiles have been installed, you must carefully cover them. In this way you avoid damage resulting from the improper use and possible contact with harmful chemical substances and cement haze.

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